Visit to Sigiriya Village Tour – Srilanka

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Visit to Sigiriya Village tour

In this busy world, everybody wants to drop a luxurious life, most of the villagers are migrating to the cities and they don’t even know how the village life is, how peaceful it is, what traditions they follow, how they entertain out and all. To see the village life in Sri Lanka you need to travel to the Sigiriya village tour. Truly speaking, you are not accepted into a village; even so, you will see a village experience by doing certain actions. As you go along the roads from Colombo to Sigiriya you can see so many quaint small towns which are very scenic with local produce selling along the wayside. You may feel very excited to explore the towns taking care of business. To accomplish your desire, you need to proceed to Sigiriya village tour. 

Sigiriya Village tour

Sigiriya Village tour

You can go to the village tour by tuk-tuk or a private car, It takes 20 minutes from Sigiriya to reach the tour operating site.  You are welcomed by a local tour operator, in order to begin with the tour we need to collect the entry ticket from the counter. They charge 15$ to 25$ per person, the best price comes to you when you bargain without hesitation. The tour operator will explain the full circuit, i.e. what you are dying to look and what you are failing to get along. There are four major actions in the Sigiriya countryside tour, I will explain about them in detail one by one.

 Note: Don’t forget to carry a Hand Sanitizer. 


Activities in Sigiriya Village tour

Oxen Cart ride:

The first thing to suffice in the Sigiriya village tour is an Oxen cart ride. It is a two-wheeled vehicle drawn by an ox. If you are interested and if you want to try it one time, you can hinge upon the ox cart. The operator will direct you how to drive the cart. The drive won’t be fluent enough as there is no suspension like yours luxurious car. It’s totally different from the rides in the city with zero pollution and sound free. It contains 20 minutes approximately to reach the adjacent activity, the drive is worth the exertion as the countryside is very scenic. Once you are served with the ox cart ride, the next thing to watch is how workers are working in fields. You are supposed to walk through the lush green fields, where you can interact with the local workers who are working in the fields. If you want to play with them you can turn for a while and this will be a beneficial experience.

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Sigiriya Village tour, oxen cart ride

Boat ride:

After dropping a nice measure of time in the fields, you are led towards a lake through a narrow man-made walkway. Don’t get frightened off by watching the bushes while heading towards the lake. Go into the boat after getting to the destination, you can discover a large table over the boat where you can sit and take some decent photos of the picturesque lake. If you are lucky enough, you can spot crocs in the midway. You need to be cautious about this. The operator rows the boat with the aid of an oar. You can request for an extra oar if you want to row the boat. It will be really comfortable and fun. It requires 30 to 40 minutes to get to the other side of the lake.

Sigiriya Village tour, boat ride

Village tour:

The guide drops you on the other side of the lake, you are greeted and welcomed by a localite of the village. The rest of the tour will be guided by him. You need to pass through a narrow walkway which is surrounded by dense grass and trees. It takes 10 minutes to reach the hut. There you are welcomed by a village lady. She introduces herself and let you know what we are going to do there. 

The first thing to do is to peel the coconut using a billhook knife or a heavy knife. You need to be careful while doing this, as it may hurt your hand. If you are scared to do this, no problem the lady will peel it for you. Break open the coconut and drink the coconut water. If you wanna eat the coconut you can eat and the rest is used to make coconut sambol and roti. Coconut sambol is very tasty and spicy you must try it for sure when you are in Sri Lanka. The lady will mix the finger millet flour and the coconut to make it into a dough like consistency. A roti is made from this, enclosed within the banana leaves and baked it on a fireplace. Followed by, the lady tells you how to make coconut sambol and prepares it in front of you. Kindly learn how to make coconut sambol, I’m sure you will like it. In addition to this, you are provided with local seafood. You can eat roti, coconut sambol and local seafood, everything included within the package no need to pay extra cash for that.

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Sigiriya Village tour, coconut sambol

Once you are finished with your lunch, you can proceed to the tree house, where a small hut is constructed over a tree. From this point you can overlook the entire lake which is really scenic, can take some nice photographs as a memory. 

Tuk Tuk ride:

When you come out of the hut, you can notice a tuk-tuk waiting for you. If you are ready to go they will take you to the place where the tour has been started and from there you can head towards the next destination.

Sigiriya Village tour, tuk tuk ride

Don’t be in a hurry to get out of there. Walk for a few minutes through the narrow streets of the village and try to interact with the villagers. They are very kind and helpful. Some people even offer local food to eat. If you want to try them you can have it. If you want to explore even more don’t hesitate to ask them if there is anything to see nearby. Because I came to know about a small river like this which was awesome.

To Recapitulate

The villagers in Sri Lanka are gullible, clean at heart with lovable personalities. Even though they lead a poor lifestyle, the hospitality and attention towards the guests are praiseworthy. Sigiriya village tour gives you a complete outline of Srilankan village lifestyle. It’s worth going. You can add this destination to places to travel for cheap and best places to visit. 

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