Eight Best things to do in Krabi

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Best things to do in Krabi Island

Krabi is the most popular holiday destination in southern Thailand, which is well connected by rail, road and water. It’s pristine beaches, crystal clear water along with the less inhabited private places keeps Krabi upper hand when compared to Pattaya and Phuket. If you want to go somewhere off the beaten track then Krabi must be in your travel bucket list. Every destination provides lots of activities for leisure but figuring out the best things to do can be done by a travel savvy. Thus, this blog aims at narrowing down the best things to do in Krabi while you are holidaying in southern Thailand.

Best things to do in Krabi town

Rock climbing

Rock climbing in Krabi is gaining massive popularity because of its world-class safety features provided by both government authorities and the local guides. If you are one among them who are into adventure sports then this is the best thing to do when you are in Krabi. The natural limestone cliffs stretching from China to New Guinea provide an excellent base for climbing buffs. Combining physical strength with intellectual emphasis, ramblers study routes, figuring out passages as they go, and then use insane power, suppleness and agility to surmount dizzying heights.

best things to do in krabi
Rock Climbing

Elephant trekking

Riding on the back of a mammoth along the trail that had been created by pathfinders is really exciting and fun, especially for children. The countryside is really scenic with verdant grass spreading across the hillside engulfing the limestone cliffs, admire the loveliness of this place from a totally different perspective. 

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Krabi rain forest national park

Enjoy a day out in the hot springs and emerald pond of Khao Nor Chu Chi national park, it would be both an educational and fun outing. Walk along a shaded wooden platform through the rainforest and observe rubber tapping with locals who will show you the techniques used to produce rubber, and if you are willing to extract the rubber then you can go ahead undeniably.

best places to visit in krabi
Rain Forest National park


Are you looking for an innovative way to explore an area or take on a fresh holiday challenge? Road cycling and touring, gives you a chance to actually see, feel and explore an area at its best. Biking in forests surrounding the Krabi and within the city is fun, this would certainly give you a chance to explore the unexplored places at your own pace like a local.


Best things to do in Krabi Island


Krabi’s shoreline is incredibly varied with sandy coves, exotic islands and verdant forests engulfing the limestone cliffs. If you want to explore to the core, get ready to face the blue waters with the kayak instead of doing boring river rafting for ages. It’s safe, easy to operate and can move to the unexplored places with ease and comfort on lullaby tides.

best things to do in krabi

Scuba diving

Scuba diving is conceivably the best way to reconnoitre the mesmerizing underwater world, getting up close with the wonders and the mysteries of the marine world, with its breathtakingly colourful and diverse inhabitants. Krabi waters offer the best aquatic life for the nature enthusiasts who would like to spend some quality amount of time with the marine animals.

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best activities in phuket, scuba diving
Scuba Diving

Island Hopping

Innumerable isles that encompass lush green forests can be accessed easily by kayak, speed boat or cruise, island hopping is the best option if you want to explore the unexplored places. The series of islets can be best explored on our own or can opt for a guided tour with an English-speaking guide. Relax on the contiguous buoys on the coasts, dip your feet into the waters and swim around the enclosed sections. I would certainly recommend this for partying with your blossom buddies.

best things to do in krabi
Island Hopping

Speed boat day trip to phi phi islands

Pristine beaches with crystal clear water that encircles the island like a necklet welcome the visitants round the year. Maya Bay (can be seen in Bond movies and named after it as Bond island) and Loh Samah bay are the well-known beaches that the whole world put efforts to visit. Phi Phi islands can be accessed from both Krabi and Phuket if you wanna enjoy to the core then overnight staying at the island is the preferred choice in one of the many holiday resorts along the coast.

what to see in phuket
Phi Phi Islands

Krabi is a town with diverse culture and traditions that make visitors fell head over heels in love with it. The cove sand beaches, rave parties and full moon parties attract the youngsters towards the Krabi, along with that there are certain best things to do in Krabi which I listed them above which are must do things and need to add in your travel bucket list while you are holidaying in Krabi.

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