Best Places to visit in Kingly Rajasthan

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Best Places to visit in Rajasthan

India’s long history is sieved with tales of conquering and domination, mostly by guys trying to get or keep the region’s many literal and metaphorical jewels. Today their forts are serene, with artfully crumbling facades and dramatic vistas. Rajasthan is considered as the jewel in India’s crown with its splendid forts and palaces that grabs your attention. Carved marble and stone, fountains and colored glass decorate the halls of business and rooms of pleasure. Numerous forts were forgotten across Rajasthan and a few were restored, which includes Amber’s honey-hued fort palace, Jaisalmer desert outpost, and magnificent Mehrangarh fort to name a few.

Best places to visit in Rajasthan, amer fort

Kingly Rajasthan is dotted with an inordinate number of great fortresses and elegant palaces. Chittorgarh and Jaisalmer are rightly the most popular forts, while Udaipur and Jaipur palaces are surreally romantic. Rajasthan is considered as a land of gallant kings, and its battle-scarred heritage has bequeathed legacies of pride and tradition. Higher division of the medieval society built enormous forts and castles, which are nowadays used as hotels and museums. Even though the small towns in Rajasthan are quaint, the rate of change in engineering science and advancements is accelerating. This blog affords you the glimpse of best places to visit in Rajasthan.

Best Places to visit in
Eastern Rajasthan


The capital city of Rajasthan, well known as the Pink city, as the buildings were painted with pink color which denotes hospitality. Jaipur is a popular tourist destination and commercial trade center with good rail, road, and air connectivity. Handloom weaving, metalworking and the manufacturing of glass, carpets, and hosiery are the leading industries. The urban center is renowned for its arts and crafts, which includes the carvings of ivory, marbles, and gems. The chief attractions of Jaipur are the city palace, Jantar Mantar, Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal, Nahargarh Fort and the ram Bagh palace. The urban center is surrounded by plains and hills all the four sides.

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Best places to visit in Rajasthan, Amer fort


Snuggled in the Aravalli, southwest of Jaipur, which hosts the famous Dargah Sharif is a pretty chaotic city. Ajmer is considered as Rajasthan’s most important site in terms of Islamic history and inheritance. Moreover, Ajmer is also an important center for Jain religion as it houses Soniji Ki Nasiyan, the famous golden Jain temple. Ajmer is well known for mayo college, one of the country’s first school that was a stepping stone for British style of instruction.

Best places to visit in Rajasthan, Ajmer Dargha


Pushkar curls around the Pushkar lake which is surrounded by 52 bathing ghats and 400 milky blue temples. It is a sacred water body for Hindus and is the spot where the Pushkar fair is obtained every year. Thousands of pilgrims visit this place roughly the year where they carry a holy dip in this lake. As you walk down along the streets, you can find out the buzzing sounds of prayers offered by the priests, which creates an episodic soundtrack of chanting mantras (prayers), drums and holy songs. 

Ranthambore national Park

Ranthambore national park is one of the largest and well-known landmark in northern India. It is viewed as most famous and form or hunting grounds for the maharajas of Jaipur, now a day it is a major tourist draw for wildlife photographers and nature buffs. The national park is noted for big cats and is one of the best positions to view the majestic tigers in its natural habitat. Big cats can be easily picked out during the daytime while hunting or while raising their younger ones. Go away as early as possible, as the wild animals leave their pursuit in search of food and water in the early hours. 

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Best Places to visit in
Southern Rajasthan


Bundi is located in the southeastern region of Rajasthan in a narrow valley encircled by Aravalli hills like an oasis in the desert. This city is also known as the blue city. Top attractions of Bundi are forts, mansions, step walls, paintings, and palaces. The magnificent Bundi palace looms overhead halfway up the hill from its position, it makes an immense sensation of joy viewing it from any vantage point. Bundi’s population is a mixture of Hindus, Muslims, and Jains, who exist in a concordance. Locales wear a gregarious smile with stretching hands to serve the visitors.

Best places to visit in Rajasthan


Easily known as the Venice of the east and The city of lakes. It delivers a deep ethnic background with gallant kings who has a great story. The crowning glory architecture of the palaces represents the interests of Rajput towards the humanities. The famous Lake Palace, which is situated in the center of the lake Pichola is one of the most mesmerizing sights of Udaipur. Shilpgram festival commences on 21 December and ends on 30 December, which attracts dozens of people who are interested in arts and trades

Mt Abu

Mt Abu is considered as an oasis of Rajasthan as it is the lone hill station situated at an elevation of 1700 meters above the ocean floor. The countryside is very scenic with flowers blossoming, which are endemic to this region, waterfalls and luxuriant green hills surrounding the city. It is a favorite leisure destination for royal families to avoid the scorching hotness of the sunshine during summer.  Even though Mt Abu is well connected by roads, the roads are treacherous as they are steep and twisting. We can overlook the rolling down hills as we drive the road. Mt Abu is home to many religious monuments which includes Brahmakumaris ashram, Dilwara temple, Gurushikar and the shrines of Jains.

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Best places to visit in Rajasthan, Mt Abu

Best Places to visit in
Western Rajasthan



The second biggest city in Rajasthan and popularly known as the blue city as most of the forts, palaces, temples, mansions and even houses were made in different shades of gloomy. The landscape is picturesque and alluring. The mammoth, admiring fort of Mehrangarh was built along a rocky ridge with eight gates leading into the fortress. The old urban center is enclosed by this wall and the new city is placed outside the rampart. The magnificent fort can be viewed even from 10 km. Jodhpur is well recognized for its rare breed horse known as Marwari, which is available exclusively here.


Well recognized as a Sandstone city with havelis, palaces, and mansions which are situated in Thar desert. Jaisalmer Fort, which is light as a feather looks like it has been lifted straight from the desert. Sandcastle glows with golden color when the sun rays strike the fort. This fortress is regarded as one of the biggest living castles with 2500 people living in it. We can see temples, stores, guest homes and hotels within the height of the palace.


Desert festival is one of the chief attractions of Jaisalmer, which is halted in February each year. The festival is famed in the sam dunes of the Thar desert which is located 42 kilometers out from the Jaisalmer. The golden sand spreading all over the desert gives a terrific experience when we walk along the border of India-Pakistan.

Best places to visit in Rajasthan, Camel safari jaisalmer

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