28 Best places to visit in Sri Lanka

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Best Places to visit in Sri Lanka

Tourism is gaining popularity in Sri Lanka for a decade and has been a popular vacation destination for foreigners, particularly people from China, India, Japan, Europe and united states show added curiosity. Going to Sri Lanka will be fun if you prefer going somewhere off the beaten path. Last year, in the month of August I had the vacation of a lifespan, a two-week family trip in Sri Lanka. We stuck around in exotic villas and vacation resorts on the coast, which are popular with tourists, and I’m getting to share the few of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka that I had visited in my vacation.

best places to visit in sri lanka
Kandy Lake


Every tourist instigates their voyage from Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka, renowned for splendid buildings, high rise flats, numerous shopping malls, food stalls, night clubs, shrines and beaches. Start researching the urban center as early as possible to avoid the scorching heat of the sun, in improver to this the traffic congestion is a huge trouble as the day approaches.

best places to visit in sri lanka
Independant Square

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Just four hours’ ride from Colombo, even though the journey is wearisome the countryside is really scenic which keeps you charged all the way long. Orphanage organizes few activities like milk feeding to the baby elephants, feeding the adults and bathing the elephants in the nearby river, we can participate in them by donating some amount for the welfare of the orphanage. At the entry point and alongside the main route there are many stores and food courts filled with local crafts and dishes respectively. The process of manufacturing paper from the elephant poo is explained in a few shops, which emphasizes more on recycling rather than wounding the trees.

Pinnawala elephant orphanage
Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Sigiriya Village tour

Book a private taxi and head towards the rural regions to explore the actual spirit of the aborigines. It’s a misconception that Sri Lankans are not ready for a handshake because of their customs if you are comfortable with them to give your hand with a sociable smile on your face or just simply say Ayubowan which is a traditional way of greeting in Sri Lanka. High street travel agents are still very popular in Sri Lanka, that’s where you can get the holiday brochures for the guided tours where you are shown around and take photographs.

Sigiriya Village tour, oxen cart ride
Sigiriya Village tour

Sigiriya Lion rock

Ace of the magnificent buildings in Sri Lanka which was lifted over a 200-meter-high rock during the fourth century A.D under the establishment of King Kashyapa for his new capital, after his death the palace was given up and used as a Buddhist monastery until 14th century A.D. Later it was acknowledged by UNESCO as a world heritage site and ascertained as one of the best well-held open-up illustrations of the ancient town planning. Masses who are acrophobic kindly halting for a while after halfway up the sway at the ingress of the lion paws, relax and then start with the upper side of the monument without looking down. It can be windy and freezing in the evenings, more honest to carry essential clothing.

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sigiriya lion rock
Sigiriya Lion rock


Is a port city and a very popular holiday destination on the northeast coast of Sri Lanka with hordes of tourists spreading across the beaches for scuba diving in lovers leap, whale watching near a swami rock cliff and the enormous Portuguese fortress which was renamed as Frederick was constructed after demolishing the famous Hindu shrine known as Koneswaram temple using granite and the debris of the temple itself.

Oceanfront Resort

Dambulla cave temple

Rock towers 165 meters over the surrounding plains with more than 80 caves, among those five caves serves the major tourist attractions which host statues and paintings of Gautam Buddha. Aside from these, there are three statues of kings who ruled Sri Lanka and four statues of Hindu gods and goddesses. Merely the most memorable thing about the tabernacle was the breathtaking scenes and the stunning landscapes that we can dominate from the upper side. Hold out the proper outfit and pastel color clothes to avoid the scorching hotness of the sunlight.

best places to visit in sri lanka
Dambulla Cave Temple


Encircled by mystic hills and a lake in the middle of the town, houses the sacred tooth relic of the Gautam Buddha, it bears a long tail history riddled with local politics, which believes the possession of the relic drives them towards the victory and rule the land. In order to promote and spread the importance of Kandy culture and traditions, local authorities are organizing a cultural show every evening around the year.

best places to visit in sri lanka
Kandy Lake


A little township in the central state of Sri Lanka which has a lush green tea estate and thick forest with the highest waterfall in the isle that provides fresh water for the surrounding villages. Ramboda hotel provides the gateway for the falls and can remain overnight at the riverfront from where we can overlook the Ramboda falls while having breakfast, luncheon and dinner. Many visitors consider this as one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka.

best places to visit in sri lanka
Ramboda Waterfalls

Nuwara Eliya

Frequently referred to as Little England with the verdant surrounding countryside of tea plantations, local fresh produce, craggy hills are very scenic. Entwining the hills, Lake Gregory spreads from east to west which provides the refreshing water for local residents, and a chance for relaxation by taking part in water sports like parasailing, water bike, and boat pedalling with the passion of your lifetime.

best places to visit in sri lanka
Oldest Post Office in Sri Lanka

Seetha Amman temple

The synagogue is constructed after the goddesses Sita Devi, where she was prisoned by the demon king Ravana. It is comfortably known as Ashoka Vatika in Hindu mythology Ramayana. Steps of the monkey king Hanuman can be picked up on the other side of the river who came to rescue the goddesses, Sita Devi. She used to see her daily needs of the adjacent river which is called after her.

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best places to visit in sri lanka
Seetha Amman Temple

Ravana caves and waterfalls

Situated two kilometers away from the Ella town, surrounded by the lush green dense forest all the path uphill. Believed to be one of the best spots for hiking, especially for novices. Hiking is a culmination of both the tough terrain and the steps, it requires 30 minutes to arrive at the entryway of the cave. 20 kms out from the caves one can view the waterfall in a cascading pattern coming from the crown of the hill said to be initiated from the environs of the cave. It’s certainly for a short shift for individual looking to unwind in the heart of stunning landscapes.

best places to visit in sri lanka
Ravana Cave

Yala national park

If you wish to take away from it all and want to escape into nature, I would certainly recommend a holiday to the Yala national park in the southerly state of Sri Lanka. The verdant grass with thick bushes allows the rich fauna to play hide and seek with the visitors along the way through the park. One of the best spots to catch big cats (Leopards) in their natural habitat, which delivers the highest density. Don’t forget to carry ready meals or takeaways as you won’t get anything once you are in the park, the safari lasts for four to five hours or we can go book it for a whole day.

places to visit in darjeeling
Yala National Park

Galle Fort

Galle fort was constructed by the Portuguese in the 15th century and fortified by the Dutch during the 17th century on the bay of Galle still maintains its appeal with the avail of the archaeological Department of Sri Lanka. Fortification wall has been constructed encircling the Galle fort, which gives the breathtaking views of the Indian ocean, grasp a cup of coffee from a local vendor walk along the construction all the way, one can come across a variety of street performers showcasing their talent on the roadside.

best places to visit in sri lanka
Galle Fort


The second most developed city next to Colombo with lots of riverfronts and seafront holiday resorts spreading across the Madhu Ganga river and the Indian ocean. Most of the resorts have their own private water sporting center, recliners on the beaches with a folding umbrella. Madhu Ganga river, which supplies the clean water for Bentota and its adjacent villages is one of the best recreation spots for the natives as easily every bit for the visitors. Boat safari is a must do an activity which takes you along the small islands where we can get some decent pictures of birds and reptiles.

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best places to visit in sri lanka
Madhu Ganga river


Well known for its church, Hamilton canal and Dutch fort located just ten kilometers out from the Bandaranaike International airport. Essentially, it’s a beach town with tons of holiday resorts spread across the coastline that are popular with tourists that suits all pockets. Remainders of the Dutch and European civilization can be regarded in most regions of the Negombo.

best places to visit in sri lanka
Negombo beach


If you are a culture vulture, then Anuradhapura is waiting for you. Most of the Buddhist monasteries and temples are present in this town. Ruins of historical monuments can be seen fanning out across the metropolis. If you desire to do something out of the corner, then you can test for a jungle safari as well.

places to visit in darjeeling
Buddhist Monastery


Polonnaruwa is filled with ruins, temples, and archaeological sites In the city center and on the outskirts, it can become real busy with hordes of tourists. Most of the sites have pavement cafes to provide your basic needs along with upmarket shops and lively restaurants. I recognize some people get done up just to look themselves perfectly at the photographs, I recommend wearing modest and pastel colored dress to avoid the scorching hotness of the sunlight.

best places to visit in sri lanka
Local Crafts


Well recognized as a resort town with tons of holiday resorts spreading across the coastline that are popular with tourists. Most people arrive on package holidays and stay in one of the many hotels and the self-catering apartments, when it gets to the inner city it is a little run down with poor housing condition. If you are a fussy eater and to be full up, seafood is a good option in Hikkaduwa, even though the local spices are different from the ones which we practice in our home cooked food, the food tastes right.

Sea Food


The lone affair that comes into judgment when we include Unawatuna in our travel bucket list is its coral reef, this is one of the best spots to discover the coral reefs. All the same, because of increased tourism and natural processes of the native people making it fail. Aside from these, Unawatuna beach and the Japanese peace pagoda catch the eyes of the visitors.

best places to visit in sri lanka
Coral Reef

In spite of being a relatively small islet, sri lanka is gifted with a diverse collection of stunning landscapes, environments and natural features. Sri Lanka’s notorious beaches have been alluring visitants for many decades. Nevertheless, the rest of the island harbours many more heavenly seascapes with few best places to visit among them.

hello hodophile what are you looking for, it’s time to plan and back pack for your upcoming Sri Lanka trip.

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