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Eight Best places to visit in Krabi – Thailand

Best Places to visit in Krabi – Thailand Krabi is a popular holiday destination in the south of Thailand with its 150 kilometres long coast line hosting several holiday resorts and self-catering apartments that...

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28 Best places to visit in Sri Lanka

Best Places to visit in Sri Lanka Tourism is gaining popularity in Sri Lanka for a decade and has been a popular vacation destination for foreigners, particularly people from China, India, Japan, Europe and...

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Hiking Sigiriya lion rock in Sri Lanka

Sigiriya or Sinhagiri is an ancient rock fortress which was raised over 200 meters rock, located near to Dambulla town, Matalle district in central province of Sri Lanka.  The name came after the sculpture...

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Top eight Festivals in Phuket

Are you traveling to Phuket for a holiday trip? If yes, you may be thinking of pristine beaches, picturesque views of the natural lime stones engulfing the island, or a private yacht with beautiful...

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Top 7 Best Activities in Phuket

The island has a broad range of activities, it has all sorts of possibilities when it comes to sea and land activities. This article focuses on the top seven activities that have to be performed...